Trump told more lies in ten months than Obama did during his entire presidency

The New York Times list of obvious lies told by Donald Trump noted that during his entire presidency, President Obama was untruthful on 18 separate occasions, and for the most part, were attempts to make his policies look better than what they really were, or in some occasions, were exaggerations.

President Trump, on the other hand, uses lies and untruths frequently to discredit others. According to the article, President Trump’s entire strategy revolves around making truth irrelevant. According to the Times’ accounting, the President told 103 lies during his first ten months in office, six times more than President Obama did during his entire tenure in office.

The Times, in its accounting, used the same standard for both men in their analysis, and included only those falsehoods which were demonstrably and substantially false. The report notes that if they were to have used a looser standard, President Trump would look even worse, due to his many misleading statements and exaggerations, as well as quantitative errors and imprecise accounting of numbers (such as attendance at the Inauguration), which were not included.

A few of President Trump’s most notable outright lies include:

  • His January 21, 2017 statement, “I wasn’t a fan of Iraq. I didn’t want to go into Iraq.” In reality, before he expressed an opinion of being against it, he was in favor of an invasion.
  • On the same day, he said he had an “all-time record” in the history of Time magazine for being on the cover. In fact, trump was on the cover of Time 11 times, while President Nixon appeared 55 times.
  • On January 23, he said that illegal votes caused him to lose the popular election, although there is no evidence whatsoever of illegal voting.
  • “Biggest ever” audience at his inauguration – In this well-known lie, trump says the audience was the biggest ever, although official aerial photos show Obama’s 2009 inauguration was much more heavily attended.



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